3 Positive Things Pokemon Go Can Do To You

Nintendo and Niantic’s Pokemon Go is such a phenomenon right now that millions of people from select countries are already scrambling around their area in search of Pokemon.

In fact, there are a lot of Pokemon Go players out there that have sworn that the game helped them get out of their homes and get some exercise.

Although the game was mired with connectivity issues as of late (thanks to a recent DDoS attack), there are still some good things that happened.

So in this article, I will talk about the 3 positive things the Pokemon Go game can do to you.

  1. Pokemon Go encourages you to go outside and exercise. The premise of playing Pokemon Go is to go out there, catch Pokemon, hatch them (from Pokemon eggs), and train them to be the very best Pokemon trainer. The thing about catching Pokemon is that you have to search your area for them. In your starting area, you can use the Pokemon Tracker tool in order to search for 9 Pokemon that is near you. You can then tap on a certain area and you will then see your progress bar (via footprints) that tells you how close or how far you are from that particular Pokemon. Once you’re within reach, an outline of that Pokemon will appear in which then, you can catch it using a Pokeball. Another thing that makes Pokemon Go a great fitness app is that if you happen to come across some Pokemon eggs, you need to incubate it first before it hatches. If you want them to hatch, you do not wait for it to hatch; you have to actively go out there and walk a couple if distance that is indicated when you’re incubating a Pokemon. For example, if you want to hatch a certain Pokemon egg, it will show a distance like 1KM or so. After walking 1KM, that Pokemon egg will hatch and you can now use it.
  2. Pokemon Go improves mental health. In 2014, there was a scientific study that going out there and experiencing the natural environment while also walking outside has tremendous mental health benefits. Since Pokemon Go encourages you to go out and catch Pokemon, you will not only catch Pokemon but you can also experience the natural environment as well.
  3. The game allows you to know your neighbors. This is tied to the fact that you’re going out more. By playing the game, it is probably the first time you meet your neighbors. This is actually a good thing since your neighbors might also play the game as well. And, you can set up a mini guild of sorts and have them join in for some fun.

Pokemon Go is a really popular game now and I think that it will continue to prosper for months to come (especially after its release worldwide).

Pokemon Go is available for both Android mobile phones as iPhones. This is a free-to-play game with microtransactions.