Fire Emblem Fate’s Conquest Game for the Nintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem is one of the best strategy games of all time. It was created by Intelligent systems and is published by Nintendo.

They’ve just recently released 2 new versions of the popular franchise; each of them having a slightly different storyline but with the same main character.

We will focus more on the Fire Emblem Fate’s Conquest Game for the Nintendo 3DS. The main character will choose his adopted family if you’re going to buy the Conquest game rather than the Birthright.

The main character will be sent by Garon (leader of the army) to missions that involve fighting against the rival Hoshidan Army. The setting of the game is centered around the famine of the place called Nohr.

In the Conquest version of this Nintendo game, you will denounce being a part of your original family and you will accept your adopted family as your new one. You will also choose to flee with Azura, your best friend.

Azura reveals that the Hoshidan’s army for destruction is set place. Information about the impending doom should not be spread, otherwise, you will be inflicted with a very deadly curse. In short, the information about the upcoming destruction should not be disseminated beyond Nohr’s borders.

Basically, no matter which game you choose, the gist of the game is similar: defeat the Hoshidan army and disrupt their plans for humanity’s destruction.

In the Fire Emblem Fate’s Conquest Game for the Nintendo 3DS, unlike previous Fire Emblem versions, you are now able to customize your main character. You can choose the gender, the name, and the appearance of the character to make her truly yours.

There are also three difficulty modes you can choose from, namely Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. The Lunatic mode is only for die-hard fans of the game as it is really very hard. If you just want to enjoy the game’s plot, the Normal difficulty should suffice.

On top of the difficulty levels, there are also different game modes that will dictate what happens when one of your characters die in battle. In classic mode, whenever your party members die in battle, they will be permanently dead and can no longer be resurrected by any means.

If you do not want that kind of challenge, you can opt for the Casual mode where fallen comrades will be resurrected after the battle.

The Fire Emblem Fate’s Conquest Game for the Nintendo 3DS doesn’t really deviate from its earlier iterations when it comes to the battle system. It still has the same grid style battlefield where you can position your troops accordingly.

There are also character relationships present in the game as well. Should a certain character develop a likeness for one of your other characters, both of them will have increased attributes and a new set of attacks available to them. This is an amazing game mechanic that I love about the Fire Emblem games.

The Fire Emblem Fate’s Conquest Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a very enticing game and if you’re a Fire Emblem fan, you definitely want to try this one out.