How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Fairing for Your Bike

Motorcycle fairings have become a premium commodity for many bike owners these days and for good reason. These fairings were originally added into the structure of a motor bike to decrease the air drag but these days, they are installed in the bikes for its aesthetic value.

If you want to get a motorcycle fairing for your own bike to add to its style and to enhance its performance, here are some top tips on how to choose the right one:

Choosing the Type of Fairing

Motorcycle fairings come in many shapes and sizes and the final decision on which of these types to go for basically depend on the purpose that the driver wants to achieve in his bike as well as the driver’s preferences. There are a lot to choose from: full, half and quarter fairings, dustbins, dolphins and many more. Make sure that you know the use as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one and see which one you would prefer to use more.

Choosing the Right Color

Aesthetics might be the last thing on a person’s mind but you certainly cannot go for a fairing that looks off with the overall color of your motor bike. Color matching is a very important aspect to some drivers and even the smallest difference in color can easily annoy them. If you cannot find the right motorcycle fairings that have a color theme closer to what your bike has, you can always opt to get a custom paint job instead.

Aftermarket versus OEM

The choice on whether to go for aftermarket fairings or the OEM kinds can depend on many factors such as price and availability. Aftermarket fairings are often more flexible and extensive compared to the OEM ones but there are times when the latter is a much safer choice for purchase. Aftermarket products are generally cheaper than the original ones but they also come with price – they may not fit right or they may come with very cheap quality. It is up to you to determine which one you would want to use for a long time.

Belly Pans and Other Accessories

Full fairings are often paired with the belly pan which is great for protecting the front tire from debris or even from sudden impact during accidents. Belly pans also help streamline so you can expect to notice an increase in fuel and engine performance. They are not exactly a necessity in motor bikes but they definitely have their advantages.