How to replace a motorcycle fairing

No two motorcycle fairings are alike and when you are in need of replacing yours, the one you get is going to require at least a little work to make it fit correctly. What follows are the 10 essential steps to replacing your motorcycle fairing, so following these instructions will help you get the job done more accurately so that you can limit the adjustments and prevent many mistakes from occurring.

Get a Camera & Take Notes & Get a Small Can

You will need your camera to take pictures during the disassembly process of your older fairing so you can assemble the new one in the same manner. Be sure to scribble down any notes along the way in case the photos are not enough and have an old can around to put the nuts and screws in so that you can use them again.

Start from the Front

Identify the inner fairing panels and those that surround the front tire. As you loosen the nuts with a wrench and remove the bolts, you’ll want to be gentle in pulling the panels off your motorcycle.

Side Panel & Lower Fairing

Find the bolts that attach the side panels and lower fairing and remove them. You may need to tilt down the parts in order to separate it from the main fairing. Since these panels are generally thin, take your time and be careful so that they don’t break.

Remove the Fastener

The fastener connects the side fairing panel to the main one, so once all bolts are removed, gently pull them away from the motorcycle. Remember to detach any turn signal wires if they are attached and be careful, if the panels are not loose, then check to see if any bolts or other connections are still attached.

Check the Mirrors

Some mirrors are attached to the fairings while others are attached directly to the handlebars. If your mirrors are attached to the main fairings, then you will need to remove them before removing the main fairing itself.

Remove the Windshield

Windshield come in different sizes and they attach in different ways. Larger ones generally have two plastic covers that need removal. Otherwise, you will need to find the connections and then gently remove the windshield so that it doesn’t break. In fact, you’ll need to be careful as sometimes the windshield will stick, even with all the bolts removed. So don’t look away, otherwise it will fall to the floor.

Undo the Main Bolts

Now you are ready to take off the main fairing, just undo the main bolts from the bracket and the fairing should come right off.

Remove the Seat

Here, you will need to refer to your owner’s manual to remove the seat. Many modern bikes have clips or snaps and most will have some type of release, usually near the ignition key.

Take off the Tail Section

The tail section is generally straightforward, just be sure to detach the turn signal lights if they are part of the fairing and then remove gently. Be careful with any wires as they will need to be reattached.

Clean and Start Replacing
You’ll want to clean out the connections, removing any buildup before adding your new fairings to the motorcycle.

All you have to do now is look over your pictures, follow the instructions and start adding your new fairings to the motorcycle.